Monday, 8 March 2010

BBC News - Report on the protest today

Parents protest at Ramsgate children's home plan

"Parents have held a demonstration against plans to turn offices in Kent into a residential children's home for up to six boys aged between 11 and 18.

They fear Satis House in Elms Avenue, Ramsgate, will be used to house young sex offenders and violent criminals.

In a draft statement to Thanet District Council, Acorn Homes said on occasion the boys could have been responsible for serious offences.

It later said it was an "oversight" and the home would not house sex offenders."

Read the full article here

An oversight. How can it be an OVERSIGHT! Either the directors of this "home" (they haven't got one yet) have not read their own document or do not even know what is in their own document. Readers are left to form their own opinions.

Thanks to all attended today and for giving your time. Best regards EARA.